Sunday, July 12, 2009

Thanks Emmy!

My friend at work, Emily, has over the past year become Haven's surrogate Aunt in MD. She is constantly keeping up on Haven and getting her crazy little gifts that no one else would ever find. Haven just loves them.

Well I was talking to her about how hard it is for us to find a gown at the hospital that fits Haven. There is only one type it's the green ones that fit her and Haven goes through maybe 10 gowns a day so keeping them on the floor for her is hard. We even take all of them out as soon as they bring up the new load of linens.

Well Aunt Emmy sent a picture to Haven of a hospital gown and she freaked out. She had to have it right away. First Em and I figured it would be best to start with a proto and make sure the fit is good. I sent some measurements specs over to her of the gown that fits Haven and WHA LA!!!

Over night Emily made her a beautiful gown. I brought it in to Haven on Friday evening and she just loves it. Had to get a shower and put it on immediately to walk around the floor and show all the nurses.

So here she is - her new gown from Em.

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