Thursday, July 9, 2009

Exciting night of sleep!

Well last night was again an adventure! After Haven took the Benadryl for the itching of the antibiotics she fell asleep. By 12:30 am she was in a complete sleep walking fit. I have never seen her like this EVER! She was kicking me and punching me. Then she started trying to claw my arms and bite me. The nurse and I were trying to calm her down and get her still so I could change her diaper. It just wasn't happening. Then she started screaming and yelling and this entire time I was worried that she was going to yank on one of her ports.

Just when I finally got her calmed down she began to crawl up to the top of the bed on her back. I had to keep grabbing her feet and dragging her back down. It probably took 10 minutes of fighting to get her diaper changed. I could barely stand my back her so bad trying to hold her down and lift her body to change her.

Today she has mostly stayed in this position! It wasn't a very active day. The doctors have come in and checked out her port for any signs of infections and her gums have started swelling up over her teeth so they are watching that.

Two nights ago Haven kept dropping down in to the 80's on her oxygen. She has had really horrible snoring issues since coming in to the hospital. Kris said she actually went down to 84 a couple of times. That the pulse ox alarm was going off constantly.

Last night Haven kept waking herself up choking. She had this horrible gurgly sound in her throat and a loud deep snore. I believe she woke her self up 7 times choking. I tried to check her oxygen each time and I only remember seeing it at 93. It could be all the medication and it could be all the fluids they've kept her pumped up with but no one really seems to concerned about it. We are more concerned and keep pointing it out.

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