Monday, July 13, 2009

Baby Hairs vs. Naked Hair

I have been too exhausted to write much lately. I don't think I slept really the past two nights. Haven is extremely intense in her sleep and the screaming is only getting crazier. I'll have to go in to the sleep walking post later....this is about Baby Hair vs. Naked Hair.

Last Thursday I talked to Haven's nurse Kim and asked her since Haven seems to be doing very well and going as planned and her hair isn't coming out did she think that maybe she would keep it. It was cool, I believe Kim struggled with giving me a "maybe" but did say that most kids do lose it. But it was day 13 and Haven hadn't lost it yet so I was hoping.

I called Kris and told him that there could be a chance that Haven might keep her hair and that I was happy we'd never talked to her about it so she didn't worry.

It wasn't more than an hour later I gave her a shower and had a handful of hair wrapped through my fingers. I hid it from her and threw it in the trash and gently rinsed her down. Then nothing else happened.

Friday was similar. Nothing crazy on the hair at all and I was still extremely hopeful.

This was Haven getting her medicines and vitals done by one of her favorite nurses, Claire on Saturday. If she's not sleeping she's on that computer. She was still enjoying a 90% full head of hair. Only a small bit had come out. Really nothing too major. We just kept hiding it from her. The picture I had below was from way underneath her hair so she still couldn't see anything crazy.

This was Haven when she woke up on Sunday. It was scary how fast. She woke me up around 5am saying that she was really itchy and felt really cold. She said something was in her pillow. So I turned on the lights and I almost passed out. I couldn't believe that over night it was gone. Everything was in her bed and all over her. I didn't know what to say to her and we weren't prepared to tell her that it was going to completely come out. It just happened so fast.

There was so much itching and sensitivity to her scalp. I contacted my sister-n-law Martha, she was diagnosed with Breast Cancer in her early 20's, for advise on how to help Haven with the itching and if she could send before, during, and after pictures to Haven so I could show her.

She was quick to offer a solution that she used. First she shaved as much as she could of her hair and then she used tape to get the little hairs off. I told this to Haven and she gave me this look like I was crazy and that Martha was even crazier. She told me absolutely no way was I gonna shave her baby hairs or put tape on her head. She wants to keep her baby hairs. So we'll keep 'em.

She did freak out a bit that she didn't want people to see her baby hairs and she needed a hat fast. So I tried to find a hat and drove all over Canton to find a store. I hate cities and I'm not a city person.....all they have is little boutiques and on Sunday it's hard to find anyone open.

I finally found a shop that had scarves and picked out a beautiful Haven pink one. Brought it back to her and was informed that it wasn't really Haven pink because it had a bit too much red in it. So I plan that my daughter is going to be a designer like her dad which will drive me insane. I can only handle one designer in the family!

She is doing pretty well all things considered. We are all getting used to the hair but we try to not baby her too much. She won't let us touch it or rub her head and when you look at it you just want to kiss it all over. :)

We love our little girl.


  1. Oh, I remember losing my hair like that. It is a bit scarey especially for a little one. If you go to and find his blog you will find his little girl had cancer. They found some really cute head wraps with bows, etc. I will try to find the information because I know you are focused on Haven. I continue to pray for her.

  2. So sorry that she didn't get to keep her hair.That's too funny about the hat.We will keep Haven in our prayers what a beautiful and precious girl.I like the gown that is great.We will check in frequently.God bless,Linn,Daniel,Michael & Ariel

  3. she's still gorgeous :)

    hoping today is a good day for you all....

    sending prayers...