Monday, July 27, 2009

Thank you everyone

Just want to send a thank you friends and family for sending stuff to Miss Haven. She has received puzzles and hats and scarves. My aunt and Grandma sent her some scarves from a friend and my friends have given her puzzles.

One of my friends had some scarves sent to Haven from The owner is a cancer survivor and she decided to make scarves for people going through chemo that are super soft on the head. From experience she was able to pick the best fabrics. Haven's favorites were the ones she was able to make herself. Lisa ordered some that were white and came with fabric markers. Haven worked hard on these and has worn them since. Check her out.

Here she is working on her scarf. Coloring and making it beautiful.

Here is the final product! She's awesome. She worked on these for about an hour. So beautiful.


  1. Hello, Misty,

    Please tell Haven I said hello and that I think she did a wonderful job on coloring her scarf. It's beautiful and so is she!

    Praying for many blessings for all of you.

    With caring prayers,

  2. wow.....haven did such a great job on that scarf!!!

  3. Haven,
    You did a great job on your scarf. But what I love more is the big smile on your face while you were making it!!! You are a strong a beautiful little girl and we think of you a lot!!!!
    Lisa (Jenna's mom) :)