Thursday, July 2, 2009

It has begun

When I came in this morning Miss Haven looked and felt great. She was checked out by her nurses and doctors and was good to go. She was uncabeled for about 2 hours and we headed to the play room. She got to play with Jessie for a little bit and worked on a puzzle.

We began her new medications around 1pm. So far by 5pm Haven has had 3 naps. She hasn't had a nap since we got in to the hospital so it's a bit of a change but we were told she'd start getting tired easy. Around 4pm the nurse brought in her mouth wash. We will get a new bottle each day and must swab her mouth with the wash every few hours.

While I was doing the first wash I noticed a mouth blister - which wasn't there this morning. Then the nurse pointed out another one. So we definitely have the mouth sores starting already. Then we had another round of fun stuff in the bathroom and she started telling me that her feet were feeling really tight. I checked them out and they looked a bit swollen. I had the nurse come in and check on her and look her over. We decided another nap in a completely dark room might help the headache.

During her sleep the nurse was asking me about her Tachycardia. Her resting heart rate was staying between 145 - 160. So they are watching that - I'm used to Haven's high heart rate but with all the medications they are monitoring it a bit closer.

I tell you it's crazy to see the counts drop each day. She came in at 17,500 on white blood cells and today is at 4,000.

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  1. just letting you know that i pray for your baby girl all the time....i hope today is a good day for her....