Sunday, July 5, 2009

Feeling icky

Yesterday we decorated Haven's door. When we do our laps around the 8th floor she always looks at the other kids doors and really wanted to do her door. She kept falling asleep so it took quite a few hours to do this. She really loves it.

Haven has been feeling pretty ucky today. She has stayed curled up in a ball under the blankets for most of the morning. I did get her up to take a shower when I got in this morning. It's just a quiet slow day. Haven is moving slower now and gets small bursts of energy. But most of the time she looks spaced out and just watches TV.

Haven has been asking for her family blanket that Grandma Sing made for her. So I asked the nurses a few times and carefully washed it and was able to bring it in. It definitely brought a huge smile to Haven's face to have it on her bed instead of the white ones from the hospital.

We get Haven's daily counts and today she is in the black on a few of them. So I know we are now at the point of ugly. For everything she is going through she is definitely keeping her smile and still trying to do stuff during the day.

I started this at 10am and it's now 10pm. Haven is very sick tonight. She has been sick and down most of the day. She took a 3 hour nap this afternoon but was really achy and I massaged her legs while she slept for about an hour of that. She has been nauseous all night. I received a text from Kris that he is massaging her feet and legs and trying to get her to relax.

She started a new medication this morning on top of the other 3 she takes around the clock. Her WBC (white blood cells) will be at 0 by tomorrow and this medication helps her body to start up the remaking of WBC.

I'm just waiting for my next text to let me know she is ok and sleeping. The nets around her bed have been amazing. The nets have been great at keeping her from falling out of her bed. The sleep walking is completely insane on this medication.

Ok....I can't even think. I'm off to bed.

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