Friday, July 17, 2009

Another infection

Today Haven was wisked away by nurses in protective gear as we were informed that she has another infection. This one a viral infection in the intestines. I have emailed our family members more details but the quick and dirty (I'm tired) is:

Haven has a gastrointestinal virus that requires her to be isolated from other children on the floor now and will be placed in a separate isolation room. She is required to have lab work on her potty and blood for 3 weeks. She needs to test negative for 3 weeks straight in order to be considered clear of this infection. There is no medication to give to her for this right now. One of the other worries is that this can enter her blood stream making life extreme hell! Right now it's up to her body to get it out.

Seems that this was received - as we had been warned could happen - by being in the hospital for a long period of time at a 0 count immune system. There is so much more bacteria in a hospital and the push is to get the kids out as soon as physically able so they do not have these issues.

So for the next 3 weeks she will be checked and checked again for this virus and HOPEFULLY she will kick this one like she did the last one.

I just can't believe we keep going along - one day we get good news and the next day we get horrible news......I'm not sure how much longer we can do the roller coaster! We just want to take our baby home!


  1. Oh, Misty, What scary news! I am so sorry to hear about this infection. I pray that Haven recovers quickly and does pass all the tests to be cleared of it. I also pray for you and Kris to find peace during this difficult time. I can't even imagine what runs through your mind. But I do know God is still in control.

  2. Hello, Misty,

    Thank you for your email. I'm praying that Haven is feeling much better from the virus and will soon be able to be back with the other children on her floor. Please tell her I said hello and that I'm sending her a big hug!

    (((((BIG HUG FOR HAVEN)))))

    Praying for Haven and the rest of the family.

    With caring prayers,

    Wylene Penland

  3. stay strong....

    sending up some prayers for Haven...and her family too....