Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Thank You's and Sending Packages

There are always so many people to thank -

My friends for making us dinners
My friends for buying Haven hats and puzzles
So MANY people in the world I don't know that send her little gifts and cards
Our friends for listening to us complain and vent about the entire situation

but I have to give a huge THANK YOU to Jim and Jeannie - Grandpa Beard-Off and Grandma Sing. For all your help and covering the costs of our BMT housing and sending us grocery money. I can't tell you how amazing you are because you already know. It's just awesome and we'd never ask you for it...... You guys are amazing! :)

Oh...as for packages! Please do not send to the hospital - we are now in the BMT housing. Although we have an address there we prefer not to receive them there. We're having packages sent to my mom and she will get them to me. If you haven't received the address I will send it out.

Love to everyone!

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