Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Benefit Ride for Haven

We have some great friends out there who are willing to help out any way they can....even when we don't ask.

Three of our good friends, who also ride mountain bikes, devised a plan to help out where they can.

I received an email about 2 weeks ago from our friend Tom. He wanted to know if it would be ok to do a small benefit ride for Haven. Of course I said yes - let me know what you need from us. Well....that's all he needed. About a week after that I got another note from Tom, Zach, and Sarah that they were putting this huge event on and had park ranger approval and lots of support from other companies and people willing to volunteer.

I can honestly say, we've never know anyone with more energy and more enthusiasm than Tom. He is just awesome. We can't thank him enough and we appreciate everything Zach and Sarah are doing with Tom. The entire mountain bike community has totally chipped in on this with raffle prizes and gift certificates.

The other amazing thing.....they've never met my daughter! I have come to know many people over the past couple of years who love my baby and have never met her. These 3 have only met Kris and I one time.....but still do anything they can to help out.

The best thing about this is that this many more hundred people know about Neuroblastoma Cancer and ROHHAD Syndrome. Most of them probably never heard of either and now we're spreading the word.

I know in this economy it's hard to think of what you can do to raise money, awareness, or donate but our friends are doing an awesome job. I couldn't ask for more. We appreciate everything they are doing and we hope they have LOTS OF FUN!!!!! We can't wait to see pictures from the event.

Good luck to everyone out there....eat lots of food and have a GREAT time! I have a perma link to the right on Haven's site and you can click the picture above to check it out too!

Thanks again T, Z, S.....

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  1. Hello, Misty,

    What caring friends you have. I pray that they'll raise lots of money and awareness for Haven.

    Please tell her I said hello and that I'm thinking about her.

    With caring prayers,