Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Moving out

So some know we moved out.....we kind of laid low for the weekend and just let Haven get used to more new surroundings. She's pretty confused as to why she can't go home. After talking with the other mom I asked about rules of taking her outside. I didn't want to keep her locked in a 1 bedroom apartment for another few months. We are happy we moved out but not happy about the infection.

So we are allowed to take her out for walks but she must wear her mask and is not allowed anywhere with a crowd of people. So we took her down to the promenade and walked around the harbor.

A few pics from our outing:

Kris and Haven on our walk. We probably stayed out for 30 minutes. She was pretty exhausted and trying to get used to it all. We hadn't been told by doctors where we could go or which mask she had to wear so we figured the pink one was enough. She really likes the pink more than the blue.

Me and Haven hanging out. This boardwalk goes on forever. We started at the Korean Veterans Memorial and enjoyed the scenery.

Haven LOVES puzzles. After a nap she wanted to work on her new puzzle. This is a 100 piece puzzle and she did the entire thing by herself. I had to take a picture of her last puzzle piece. She was very excited to finish it.

The BMT housing is very nice. I was very concerned before we got there but it is small enough to get to her if she needs us and to hear every noise but we're also not used to being in something this small. Kris took Haven on a tour of the housing. There is a rooftop deck that the kids can go on. We haven't had Haven up there yet except to see it on the first day. Maybe we'll take her up this weekend.

This was a huge day for her. She didn't actually do any walking since this was her first time out. We knew she'd be exhausted and we didn't want any tripping or falling. I'd prefer to just wrap her in bubblewrap and leave it that way until this new port is out!

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