Friday, July 3, 2009

My baby girl is Miss Haven's new bed. As you can see, the clowns came to visit her today. She only let them barely in the room and she wouldn't move from this spot or let them in any closer.

After Kris had to tie her down with sheets to keep her in the bed during a major sleep walking incident we were ordered a "tent" that goes around her bed. It has net sides that are zipped closed when she is sleeping.

Last night was the first time she used it and Kris said it worked great. She was very active and he said the nets caught her a few times. He and Nurse Hatal watched her for quite a while. The nurse just loves Haven and her sleep walking episodes. She had a very long conversation with Haven while she was sleeping.

Haven also loves doing her walks around the floor. She is allowed to be uncabled for about 2 hours a day and as soon as those cables come off she grabs her shoes to go walking. She is so tired of being locked up in her room. Plus when she makes the rounds all the nurses just love all over her. She also gets to play in the playroom with freedom.

I like when we are not cabled because it makes bathroom time much easier!


  1. Havey your bed looks like something from outer space:) I see you are standing up who are you looking at? Is that your Mom I see?
    G-Gram and Candy are thinking about everyday and hope you are having a happy time. I wish I could be there to see the fireworks tonight with you. It is going to rain here I am sad about that.
    Aunt Candy

  2. Havey I have no idea if you received my first post; after looking at your picture closer and actually being able to read about you I realized you were looking at clowns; I would have stood very still also; don't blame you; they should not make a surprise visit someone should say Havey clowns are coming and you can hide:)
    I love you very much and thinking about all the time
    Aunt Candy

  3. It must've been the KENDA socks they were wearing :-)

    Heaven - next time ask mommy to fill balloons with water and fight those clowns back with them...

  4. Whoa. I was away from a computer for a while, and just got to finish up all these updates! What a busy (and I'm sure nerve-wracking) week it's been! I'm so glad for the guidelines on what we can send Miss Haven. I was wondering about that myself. As a supporter, you want to help out, but you don't want to make things worse...

    Well, we are wishing you all the best, and thinking about Haven often. I'll be able to check the postings more often now that family reunions and work moves are over!

    P.S. Haven, I don't blame you for being wary of the clowns! My mom, 3 aunts, and I are scared of clowns! Maybe it runs in the family!

    Love, Jen O.