Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Physical Therapy

Haven had her first visit with her physical therapist today. She was very cool and I like her a lot. She told me a bit of her background - she completed school at Chapman in CA and stayed in the west for a long time and somehow ended up on the East coast. So I thought it was kinda funny - we discussed our West Coast preferences.

She really worked Haven today and I can tell you I have never seen Haven do the stuff she did today.

Easy stuff was to have her walk and push on her hands to show her strength. I know Haven's arms are strong because she can wrestle me very well. It's more her legs.

The other day I made Haven use her left leg to get up the stairs. Although she was extremely mad at me for making her do that I noticed that she definitely has less strength in the left leg and prefers to use the right. By the time we got to the top of 6 steps she couldn't pull herself up anymore. This was also the leg they noticed the bone density loss.

I think she worked on Haven for an hour. Made her sit and stand over and over without holding anything to help her up. Made her climb the stairs, she did push-ups, laid on her side and lift her legs up over and over again. I was laughing at the push-ups. When her dad does push-ups she likes to kick him to make him work harder - so I told her that since she did push-ups she'll have to make dad do them.

We now have some exercises to work on with Haven. She was completely worn out after PT and fell asleep before the therapist was gone.

Kris will work on Haven's exercises tomorrow and then the PT will be back on Thursday for more work with Haven. Once we get the Hickman removed Haven can begin going to the pool for therapy. I hope with the walking and now the PT she'll begin to lose the weight too!!!

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  1. Hello, Misty,

    Praying that Haven will be over the virus very soon and that the surgery goes well. I'm glad that she is getting to do some PT to strengthen her.

    Please tell her I said hello and that I'm sending her some big hugs ((((big hugs))))!

    Praying for Haven, you and your husband.

    With caring prayers,