Thursday, July 30, 2009

Clostridium difficile or C. Diff

FROM MSNBC site about C. Diff

Scientists cultured the imprint of a health care worker's gloved hand after examining a patient infected with Clostridium difficile, known as C. diff. The larger yellow colonies outlining the fingers are clusters of the potentially deadly bacteria responsible for at least 300,000 infections a year in U.S. hospitals. The patient had showered an hour before the specimen was collected, say researchers.

I received a phone call yesterday from Oncology that Haven has now tested positive for Clostridium difficile or C. Diff. I have found articles on MSNBC about it. It is a very serious virus and we are taking all the precautions we can. After work yesterday I ran over to the hospital to pick up some medication to help her with it. Seems as though she has had it for a few weeks now. Just takes a while to find it.

What is C. Diff:

C Difficile, or clostridium difficile infection, is a disease commonly contracted in hospital. C Difficile causes diarrhea and can also cause damage to the lining of the bowels. Generally the symptoms are mild and patients suffering from C Difficile recover fully in a matter of days. However, if C Difficile is contracted by a patient already in a weakened condition, it can be much more serious or even potentially fatal.

We know Haven contracted it while in isolation at the hospital in Peds Oncology. However, everyone always made sure to wear gloves. There were however, many times I was concerned about the cleanliness of the hospital.

THE KITCHEN???? Who monitors the kitchen. The people bringing the food in weren't always wearing a mask - I know for a fact they didn't wear them coming up the elevators and how many people are in the elevators when they are bringing up the food? Did the people in the kitchen clean their hands? Is the kitchen even clean?

How about the time the kitchen brought a cup to Haven for her drink and there was about 1/4" of DUST in the bottom of the cup????? What's with that??? And how about the 3 times they brought her EXPIRED yogurt that we returned and complained about. Should a child or anyone on an intense chemotherapy eat from the kitchen?

How about the bed and the guy putting it together? Where has the bed been and is he clean? His hands were all over the bed with no gloves! The whole tent smelled and is normally used for Schizophrenia patients to keep them locked in. HOW CLEAN IS IT?

I GUARANTEE the next time Haven is in the hospital for an overnight stay we will be extremely strict on who comes in and did they wash, are they wearing gloves, where is the mask? She also WILL NOT eat from the kitchen in the hospital. I will make and bring food every day. She is supposed to go in for surgery again and she will not eat at that hospital.

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  1. My mom (who worked in hospitals for 20+ years) always says "You're more likely to get sick IN the hospital than OUT of the hospital!"

    I see lots of community aquired infections when I have to go through medical records for audits, yucky. Hope Haven feels better soon!