Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Hickman line

I can't stand this port. We have to change her everyday and she is
allergic to all tape we use. We've tried 4 different types of
dressings. If we get an infection here we are in trouble!

EDIT: After our visit to clinic today it has become urgent for Haven to have the line removed. While we were meeting with the Hi CY specialist they contacted her surgeon's office to get Haven in for a physical and approval for surgery. We love her surgeon so we feel good about this surgery. Plus I really want this line removed.

They will do a swab test on Friday to see if it has a fungus growing and to confirm there is no fungal virus around the port. It has a hint of green near the wound site and it's pretty red.

Haven will have the Cathoport accessed on Friday to clear it out and prep it to start being used again. I'm guessing surgery in the next 2 weeks for Miss Haven. This will be her 6th surgery in 1 1/2 years.

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