Saturday, July 4, 2009

Sending Mail

We've been asked over and over again if mail can be sent to Haven at the hospital or if it should be sent to her house. Well she won't be home for a few months and I know she'd love to get some mail. There are a few items that CAN NOT be received in the Oncology floor.


1. PLANTS - no plants or flowers of any kind
2. LATEX - balloons must be mylar ONLY - no latex
3. STUFFED ANIMALS - no stuffed animals
4. CLOTHING - these can be sent to our house but she can not have them in here because she can't wear them
5. NO NUTS - Haven is allergic to nuts and can not have them near her

Note: Haven is on a special diet in the hospital - please no candy of any kind

Sorry to have rules but it's to keep Haven and other children on the floor safe.

Haven can receive cards, books, puzzles (she loves 100+ piece puzzles), DVDs, games, and stuff like that.

For the address please email me. Otherwise we will pick up packages at the house and go through them to bring them in to her!

Thank you to everyone for asking how to send her mail. She will be very excited to have it coming here. Love to all


  1. Is it okay if I post a link to this on my Facebook? I'm sure Haven would like some mail from Canada. :-)

  2. ((((((((((((HUGSTOYOU))))))))))))Hi there,I would love to send mail to Her.Thank you so much for sendding this to me.Could you email me Her addy?Thanks and have a nice day.