Saturday, July 11, 2009

Big day

We've had a few things to discuss today.

EDIT: On Friday Haven had a pretty full head of hair and only a small bit coming out. Saturday she woke up to this pile in her bed and she threw it on the floor. Last night I cut her hair to a bob length thinking maybe we'd be able to keep a bit of it. This morning we woke up to about 75% of her hair in her bed. At this rate I guess it will be completely gone by Tuesday.

Currently we are trying to find a place to get scarves. I told her I would look for scarves that were light fabric since it's summer and get some pretty colors and stuff. She was happy with that. It's the itching from the hair that is driving her crazy. I just can't stop it. Every 10 minutes I'm wiping hair off her back to help her out.


  1. Sweet Haven, hang in there!! Your new gown is awesome!!! Hope you are feeling better soon.