Saturday, March 31, 2012

Emergency Surgery.......unexpected!

Well this actually all started a while ago...but I ignored it while moving and it got to a point where it was ridiculous.  Then after I found out I was pregnant again I started to pay more attention to it.  It has been pretty consistent for the past two months but at first it would be once or twice a week...then it would be gone as long as I didn't get stressed or do to much.  Then it started to get to where I was sitting in the rocking chair until 4am crying because I was in so much pain.  I wouldn't be able to walk, breathe, lay down. or be alive.  I would take hot showers and nothing.

Then last week it last 4 days out of 7......4 days of not being able to walk or sleep and I have an 11 month old big baby that wants to be held.  I mentioned it to my nurse who again told me to relax, take hot showers, and Tylenol.  That was last Friday.  Which it had gone away again by then.  But by Sunday I was once again in extreme pain and unable to do anything.  I had less than 24 hours to get better or pretend to be better so I could get Haven up to SLC to meet her Oncologist.  Crying and cringing I made it up to SLC and did the meeting with the doctor and drove back.  We were gone for 15 hours.

By Wednesday I was again in extreme pain and decided enough was enough - I wanted the doctor and not the nurse.  I called to get an appointment for Thursday and it was set.  About an hour later I decided may be I should send a photo to the doctor to see what they say.  I called back and talked to the nurse and told her exactly what was happening and that my belly button is HOT and purple red and I can't touch it.  She put me on hold for about 2 seconds and then told me "Get to Labor and Delivery immediately".  Ummm ok...well I didn't have the car seat for Rohnin and the hubby was downtown.  So I waited for him to get home and we headed to labor and delivery.  First impression:

I was in L&D for about 5 minutes to check the baby...then I was off to the doctor's office....who then looked at me for about 5 minutes with a very worried face.  He leaves and comes back and says "I have you set up to meet a surgeon across town.  You need to go now."  Ummm....ok

So we set out to the surgeon's office and I was in there for about 10 minutes and surgery was scheduled.  My biggest concern of course is the baby...I will deal with pain if surgery is going to hurt my baby boy.  The doctor who reassured me that he has 6 kids and if it was his wife he'd have her in there too.  I made sure Kris was ok with the decision - it's his boy too.  He was the same as me - as long as the baby is safe with anesthesia and stress of surgery then let's do it.  Instantly I got a sheet of paper and was told to head to the main hospital for surgery and the surgeon would see me there after contacting my doctor.

About two hours later I woke up in recovery with a nice big cut across my belly at the belly button.  Once I was awake enough I was transported from the main hospital back to Labor and Delivery to be monitored for the next 24 hours.

Of course where does my baby boy want to be....right under the incision site. The next morning I spoke with the surgeon and the initial spot I came in about (belly button) was "something he doesn't see much".  It was an incarcerated umbilical hernia.  When he opened it up he said he could see the uterus - so there wasn't much protection at that point.  He also checked a bit higher by pulling up the skin and found another hernia a few inches above the main one.  The belly button was about a 1" wide hole of he had to place a mesh barrier in there and sewed that down.  The smaller hernia above that had to have stitches to close. 

Here it is after two days of sleeping.  Being 28 weeks pregnant my biggest issue now is preterm labor due to this.  So I have been put on limited activity for 6 weeks.  I can't lift anything over 5 lbs and no bending.  Doesn't make life easy with Rohnin who always wants to be held.  So far though I'm doing pretty good...daddy and Haven are amazing helpers.

I also have a lot of people to thank...Grandma and Grandpa --- thank you for taking the girls each day and watching them so I can recover.  Taking Rohnin and letting me sleep to heal is the best thing I could ever ask for. 

Thank you to the DV Relief Society for dinner each night.  I can't express how much help dinner is.  I can sleep and not worry that the rest of the family is being fed.  It's amazing and all of you are so great.

Tara - thank you for taking care of Deezy and bringing us dinner as well.....

We aren't sure what we'd do without neighbors and family to help during this time. 

Haven's chemo was also moved to Tuesday next week - since I was in the hospital.  It's a 6 hour visit and I haven't quite figured out if I can sit that long without needing a bed myself. 

Then Friday (of course I get to spend my birthday at the doctor) I will be at the doctor for a follow up and check on the baby.  Then April 11 I will be back in with the surgeon to check the incision site. 

Nothing like keeping the days full....

Again thank you to everyone......for all the food, child care, and well the nurses is L&D said - top priority goal --- STAY PREGNANT!

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  1. Dear Misty,

    So sorry that you had to have surgery. I pray that you will be OK and that the rest of your pregnancy and the delivery will go smoothly.

    Please tell Miss Haven that I said hello and that I wish her a wonderful week.

    Continuing to keep Haven and family in prayer.

    With prayers & best wishes,