Wednesday, March 7, 2012


I love Feedjit ---- not because I'm spying on you...well maybe.  But it's a great tool to find out where Haven's site is being viewed and how they even came upon it.  I am amazed at countries and exactly what they "google" to find her site.  Not sure if you have ever used it but it's a great addition to a blog. 

Some people google random words and happen upon her site and some are more specific.  I can see if they come to her site through facebook, google, yahoo, TV show, or whatever.

Here are a few from today that I just found interesting and am happy people are searching:

1.  Someone in Tel Aviv googled "rohhad syndrome IVIG"  ---- you can't get more specific than that and in Isreal!

2.  New Jersey was searching for "allergic reactions to cherries" --- ended up on Haven's site.  That's another person in the world that didn't know about ROHHAD and does now.  Even if they only stayed for a minute.

3.  Nevsehir was searching "medulla oblongata"  --- I don't even know where this is but they landed on Haven's site in an area describing a section of the brain that is affected by ROHHAD!

4.  USA searching for "grandma bist" --- well I know this one!  :)

5.  Buenos Aires searched for "sindrome de ROHHADNET" --- comes across Haven's site.

6.  Genoa, Liguri also searched "sindrome di rohhadnet" --- AWESOME

7.  Jerusalem, Yerushalayim straight searched "rohhad syndrome"

However, the top search that lands people to Haven's website is a disgusting one - Clostridium Difficile.  She obtained this while at 0 immune system in the hospital.

I can even tell where they came from - Facebook, YouTube,, or if they type in her site directly.  

Again....thank you to all of Haven's fans out there and those yet to become her fan and don't  know it! 

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