Thursday, March 1, 2012

Cross Country #5

 Well we have certainly done our share of cross country driving and I can tell you everywhere you should and shouldn't stay on the 40!  This is road trip #5 and at almost 37 years old I'm not sure there are many more of these left in me!  The good thing about them is that the kids see so much of the USA that most kids never get to see their entire life.

 Our first stop was at Grandma and Grandpa's in Virginia!

 Rohnin hanging with Grandma

The girls....too bad it's only for the night and then we're back on the road!

 On the road again....
 Our first cabin....we only stay at KOA's when we travel across the country.  You'd think they were cheap...

But they aren't.  Haven had a great time.  You still get wifi in the cabins so we were able to stream netflix movies at the cabins that didn't have TV.  This one obviously has a TV!!!

 Cool scenic photos while driving...

 Bridge to Arkansas............

 Haven actually making a campfire!  WHAT!!!

 Relaxing with Rohnin by the fire.

Our cabin....too bad we always arrive so late at night!

We finally arrived at our destination with time to hang out by the stream at the cabin and enjoy the petwalk.  

 The backseat while driving.....I think we've hit Texas but no one would know it back there!

 Largest cross ever....I get this photo every trip we take.

 My baby angel
 My big angel teaching her student

Cutest sisters ever

 Yay...New of my favorite states

 What happens in the backseat I only see by photograph!  Haven loves to destroy her sister and take photos

 Speed limit 6 1/8!

 Hanging in the cabin....Haven finds entertainment on the interweb

 Deezy had such a hard day sleeping in the car that she needed more sleep in the bed

This one must be signing or screaming!

 Starting to see my favorite scenery!

 My girl

 Deezy hanging out drinking while driving

 AZ already.....

 Miss Rohnin.....
 Our first sit down meal not containing dinty more or ramen noodles!  I wanted Mexican!

Hanging out near the Grand Canyon

 Oh snow in Arizona.................not fun

 Again I leave them alone in the back and get this

driving and driving

 Our drive to our new home..... one said we lived near two volcanoes!!!!

 Haven ready for the school the following week

 One of the volcanoes between the school and a house

 Haven's new school......she absolutely loves it!

One week and we had the entire family packed up and moved across the country.....

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