Monday, March 5, 2012

Who Would Have Thought......

So one recent day I was standing in the kitchen (after my mother-n-law had gone back to Virginia) and my husband comes up to me and says, "could you be?"......trying to not get himself in trouble......and I replied "NO, but thanks.."

Then the school asked Haven and then someone else mentioned I finally took a test on February 9th.

Well......guess I was wrong.....then about one week later I started feeling little "popcorn" feelings.....really??? really???  No way.....could I be about 4 - 5 months along already?  I'm still wearing my normal clothes - there is no way.

I go to the doctor and probably wonder how the heck did I not know....well I have breastfed Rohnin forever and that means it's been a long time since my cycle was around......back to the story --- at the doctor and get checked:


It has a foot which is adorable!

Beautiful 4D photo


Kris' dad and Tim (Kris' dad's brother) have been waiting for the first boy to be born as we believed the Fowlers were destined not to be carried on and only girls to be produced!  So you can bet Grandpa is overly ecstatic to get a boy and to have the name go on!

We are also super excited to have a boy....a new challenge and a new world to us. Sometimes you just need an "oops"....

Not only did we find out we were having another child (oops) but that as of the end of February we were already at 23 weeks!!!! So we've made it to 6 months and didn't know it....

So now we wonder what is in the stars for our boy:

1. Born during a leap year
2. Due on my grandpa's bday, June 21, longest day of the year
3.Born during the Mayan end of the world doomsday calendar year

We are very excited to meet this little man and now we're scrambling to change girl clothing in to boy clothing!!!!!  If you have some you don't want or need you can happily send them my way!

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  1. Dear Misty,

    Congratulations! Praying for an easy pregnancy and delivery. I bet Haven is so excited. Please tell her that I said hello.

    With prayers & best wishes,