Sunday, March 18, 2012

Eye Candy

I've been out doing eye candy shopping all the time....yesterday I found a new place of beautiful homes.  I just look at the homes here and I am in love.  I am a desert home lover and just having a house with siding or brick just doesn't  have the same love that these do.  Throw in some palm trees and bam......

The front yard of this is just what I would dream of!

 Front door entrance....amazing!!!

 Kayenta....oh how we love thee!  Ultimately the house I would love to retire in is a house in Kayenta.

 Another Kayenta house.

 Amazing house....6 beds/5 baths and only $369!!!

 Oh the beauty of Kayenta

 Another amazing Kayenta...with amazing views.

 Well....this one is way out of if!  It's selling at 7 million dollars!  Two movie theater rooms and the pool is ridiculous!

 But this one.....AHMAZING!

 Not for sale but I really love it

 For sale -- 4 beds/3 baths .... oh and it's listed at a whopping $229!!!


Not for sale but beautiful.......

I have so much fun just going around neighborhoods and checking out the beautiful homes.  South Utah is full of them everywhere!!

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  1. Arn't those great! I also love just cruisin and looking at homes! You cant beat the prices. About three years ago my hubby and i were at the Mariners spring training in Surprise AZ. We drove around just LOOKING at houses and ended up buying a short sale! It had originally sold for 469,000 and we paid 197,000! I too love the desert!