Monday, April 2, 2012

Donate to Haven

We are very excited that people still want to donate to our baby girl and I have been asked about it a few times.  But over the past few months (since January 2012) I have been arguing with Paypal over the word "DONATE" and not having my official non-profit whatever.  Anyway when I set the account up in 2007 Paypal did not require that to use the word donate.  They decided in 2012 that they would lock accounts that had donate but no non-profit info.  Without contacting me they locked my account and froze Haven's money. Because I have kept it for Haven only I never move it to her bank account until she needs it....well now that she needs it for trips to SLC and stuff it's FROZEN! 

So now the only way you can donate to Haven is to go to your Paypal and click "send money" and enter the email address of our new paypal account so it will go in to her bank account without the hassles of saying donate and fighting Paypal.

Please contact me via email for that specific email. 

PS:  calling Paypal does no good as that person can't help you and then they will tell you to contact compliance at Paypal....which doesn't respond.  I have started sending an email a day with random big words in it for no reason other than to make me feel good for filling their email box. 

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