Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Wonderful weekend

 On Friday  I went to the doctor for my 27 week check up and got to drink some yummy sugar water.  This has never bothered me in all my pregnancies.  I know a lot of women can't do it but I can drink it in one big drink.  The problem is you have to wait an hour before they can draw your blood.  So this was a long appointment.

 Miss Rohnin came with me.  Luckily she is very good when in public and she had fun playing with the table.  I was extremely worried that since we'd be there for a minimum of 2 hours she might not be the best baby.  She did very well.

 Miss fashionista wearing my glasses. 

 Then Friday after Haven came home we got a fun package in the mail from Grandma and Grandpa in Virginia. Filled with Easter goodies....Rohnin absolutely loves her lamb.

Haven got some veggietales stuff and we'll be making Easter eggs with it before Easter.

Friday night we decided we would do a party night and make some pizza.  Haven of course will spend at least 30 minutes decorating a pizza while I go nuts.  Each sausage had to be on it's own ham slice.  My side is the messy side!

 We also started working on our chicken coop out back.  Pics to come soon.  Haven has wanted chickens for so long and is excited to feed them and get eggs from them.  We are also looking at adding a goat and building a little "house" for him.  If Haven could she'd do an entire petting zoo with Alpacas and everything back there.  But we'll start with goats and chickens!


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