Thursday, March 1, 2012

Rehoboth Beach, DE

Well....we took a day in August to go to Rehoboth Beach, DE to visit Dog Fish Head Brewery.....needless to say we are not beach people and the fact that there was NO WHERE to park helped our decision to turn around and leave immediately...but we did find an awesome restaurant to stop at -- Crabby Dicks!

This is Fowler Beach.  We saw the sign and had to do a quick turn to check it out.  It is actually a sanctuary for horseshoe crabs.

I had to take this picture because when have you ever seen it written as Pasketti!!!

 So at Crabby Dicks we that it was hilarious how their menu was written!  Kris had to try the fried hard crab just because of the description.
 Here is the crab with balls!

 While waiting Kris decided he would sketch up the crab on the menu!  Pretty dang awesome.....

 My girl...laughing that the appetizer was popcorn!

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