Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Rohnin - growing fast

Miss Rohnin is growing fast!!!!  She is now almost 11 months - I can't believe her birthday is next month!!! Took her to the doctor today and she is 97% in height at 30 inches and 90% in weight at 22 lbs.  First thing her doctor says - "she certainly doesn't have her sister's issues"!!  I like that!  She is most definitely going to be tall.

Other than having eczema - which seems to be worsened by living in the desert - she is a healthy little bug.

Oh and PS:  the lady that gave Rohnin her flu shot and told me that my baby was overweight and I should watch what she eats.......you should stop telling people that.  Luckily I'm very knowledgeable of this stuff and it didn't phase me! 

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  1. 2 Cuties! Please tell them that I said hello.

    With prayers & best wishes,