Monday, March 5, 2012

Haven's 8th Birthday

 Haven's 8th birthday....her biggest party yet!  Grandma and Grandpa Utah brought some gifts over a few days before (on her actual date) and then on Saturday showed up with a huge doll house....

 Haven and her friends doing crafts and hanging out.

 Playtime and making messes!

 Two of the girls hung out with Rohnin and Deez

 Opening presents

  Grandma Virginia came out to visit for the party.....

 Grandpa keeping that bad baby close!

 Grandma gets the girls to calm down and play duck duck goose!  Thank you Grandma!!!

 Understanding the "how to"

 Haven hanging with her friend after the party

 Relax time

 Rohnin made it through and still being a good baby!

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