Monday, March 5, 2012


So we are very excited.  We received a letter from Haven's school to have her test for the GATE program.  We've had many ask us what that is.  It stands for "Gifted and Talented Education".  It is for "gifted kids" who are academically advanced for their age.  Everyone that meets and knows Haven will say there is no way she is only 8 - she talks like she's 25 or 30.  All we can say is "that's our girl".  She is truly amazing.....especially after going through everything she has gone through and 5 years later STILL receiving chemo to stay alive and healthy!

We know we never would've had this opportunity for Haven at her old school....they just didn't seem to worry about this sort of stuff.  Yet drove us crazy about mundane stuff.  We are so proud of Haven.  

Then we met with her principal and learned that there was a possibility that her school could be chosen to have all the kids bused there and she would stay there.  Next we get a notice about the article in the paper:

So this Wednesday we will be joining other families to find out the status of the program. We are so proud of our girl!

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