Monday, March 5, 2012

My January babies....finally 2012!

 Collection of photos from January 2012!

Oh Rohnin.......

 If she can get the Xbox or PS3 controller she is super excited....she will even hide to get them


Oh the Koala bear purse.  Haven got this purse from our dear friends in Australia...she carries it everywhere and sleeps with it but if Rohnin can find it she takes it.....

 Haven at her first birthday party in the Valley....we had a lot of fun

 Reading...but then when is Haven not reading.

 Touring old town

 Free root beer floats...yummy!


 Hugging the Deez

 mmmmmm first lollipop

 Yes I am cute.....

 Touring Brigham Young's house

Trying to escape!

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