Sunday, March 18, 2012

Thank You To Our Neighbor!!!!

We can't thank you enough for the help on our jungle in the back - what is now a beautiful back yard....we just keep staring at it!

Check out the before and after shot:

It's amazing what a lot of help from new friends can do!!!!  These photos are taken at the same spot to our house....of course without our trees in bloom...but that's happening very fast!!!

Here are a few more photos of the beautiful back yard!


Workin it!!!

 Can't believe the yard is this BIG!!!

 Look at Deez....she doesn't even know what to do!

 what's over here?

 and over here?

 Can you even see me back here?

The furthest out I've ever seen was an absolutely crazy day!

Thank you Mike for all your help.....we really appreciate it and now we don't have to worry about fires or snakes!!!! 

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  1. How lovely Misty! Hmmm, time for a horse?! ;)