Sunday, April 5, 2009

ROHHAD: Cardiology -- Pulmonology

These are the two next big doctor appointments we have.

Cardiology has been added as an extreme importance. Haven's resting heart rate has been staying around 150. It has been constant around 130-150 for over two months. But I remember her in the hospital last year and it stayed around 140. We should find out next week when this appointment will be made. She will wear a monitor around her chest to monitor her heart rate while awake and active. I received some emails about heart rates and emailed NIH and our doctors. The first number being on the low end (some of our friends stay around this when resting) and the second number being on the high end.

EDIT: Just heard from the doctor - they use the Harriet Lane Handbook for resting heart rate calculations:

Ages 5 - 7:

Low End: 65
Average/Normal: 100
High End: 133

According to NIH resting heart rate:

Newborn infants: 100 - 160 beats per minute
Children 1 to 10 years: 70 - 120 beats per minute
Children over 10 and adults (including seniors): 60 - 100 beats per minute
Well-trained athletes: 40 - 60 beats per minute

Her doctors are also putting in a referral for a Pulse Ox monitor. We didn't believe we needed one only a month ago but on Friday I received an email from her doctor and the referral has been placed. She will wear this at night when she is sleeping - it will monitor her heart rate and oxygen. I am very relieved to have the doctors ordering this. I have been extremely concerned about her during her sleep. This will at least ease my mind a little.

Pulmonary will be on April 16th. This will be a very important meeting and our first with the doctor. We will discuss all of Haven's sleep studies, the ABG, and other information that I have received and noted from the other mom's that I am concerned about.

Endocrine will be on May 4th. This will be our 6 month follow up meeting.

Oncology also informed Kris that every Friday Haven will now have full labs done - not just Cyclosporin levels. They will test the hypothalamic hormones, Cyclosporin levels, sodium levels, and other needs for the lab testing. This is more than Haven usually has but is needed for the records and to see if anything is changing, good or bad.

Haven will continue on this chemo treatment for one year. At 6 months the Oncology team will review all of her results with the medical board.

There is the small quick version of it all.
Thank you to everyone
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