Monday, April 13, 2009

Sleep Walking getting crazy!

Sleep walking is what keeps us up now!

This past week we have been fighting robots. I don't know why but we are. About a week ago Haven had a horrible sleep walking episode that lasted over 40 minutes long. I had just gotten in the shower and I hear a scream (or I thought I did) but I ignored it. Then I felt thumping and what sounded like running. I stopped, listened, nothing. So I pour a bunch of shampoo in to my hair and there it is again. Major thumping and running with a door slam. I get out, yell for Haven and I hear this quiet - "hello" come from her room. She runs in to the bathroom with me - SHE'S COMPLETELY ASLEEP! So I have her hold on to the sink and not move. Finish my shower and during this entire time she is telling me about a white robot that is chasing her and looking for her. I get her in to the room, tell her dad that there is a robot chasing her, he informs me that he already knows from her horrified scream as I went in to the shower. Remember, the one I ignored. He destroys the (imaginary) robot and she is happy and back in bed.

Then about 3 days later we have another robot incident...which leads in to another one that kept her up freaking out until 1:30am. I am done with robots. I have no idea what robot she is talking about. But the hallucinations or sleep walking episodes are making me crazy!

Haven has some crazy episodes - we've had a few nights of bugs being all over her and having to wipe down walls and her to get rid of the (imaginary) bugs, we have Spongebob chasing her and staring at her - so he is no longer on her walls, we've had angels chasing her around and staring at her - so we removed the angels that were on her walls. She's had some other ones that would really freak you out so I will leave them off here - as they have really freaked me out many times.

Now my question remains - if my child is a major sleep walker with violent episodes - how do I put her on an O2 and CR monitor during her sleep? Guess that will be discussed this week at Cardiology and Pulmonary!


  1. jeepers Misty i hope i don't have to deal with those. Sophie just get's very upset and will use words i never new she would know. Her last episode was Friday night she woke up swearing like a sailor for 45 minutes and then went back to sleep. give Haven a big hug from us.
    Maureen and Sophie

  2. Hi Maureen

    They know more than you think! Haven has done many nights of constant swearing....we usually sit and laugh about it. What else can you do? I have many videos of some crazy stuff she's done.

    Love to you guys!!!