Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Making changes -- Procrastinating

Last night I had a bit of ADD. I started off preparing to pay medical bills for the months of January and February. But once I counted out 37 envelopes filled with bills which meant that Haven had gone to the hospital 39 times in 2 months and that just kinda left me mindless.

So I decided instead that I would look at the bills this weekend and do something more fun. So I have started to make a few changes to her site. I talked with Kris about building a web site for me. Hey, he's been making web sites for over 11 years so I might as well take advantage of it since it's free!!!

So probably throughout the weekend you will notice a few changes to her site. I want to organize everything on here because sometimes I have to dig through to find things I wrote about 6 months ago. Plus Haven has had over 15,000 visitors since I started this site in December 2007 when we were first diagnosed with the Neuroblastoma Cancer.

Haven's Visitor Map Since July 2007

Haven is going to help with some of the design changes so it should be a fun little project for us and it will give me a reason to get my mind off the many worries and concerns I've had recently.

A few changes but this is not the official site I want yet:

Haven's Story

ROHHAD Children

More to come

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