Wednesday, April 8, 2009

We finally like Barbie......

Haven decided today that she finally likes Barbie. She has NEVER played with dolls in her entire life. The other night she played with a wooden doll that had magnetic clothes and really had fun. Today she received a package from Grandma and Grandpa in Utah with what looks like a Bratz doll (hmmmm.......) and she has been playing with it for over 2 hours.

She even got her other dolls out that people had sent to her at Christmas. You may think I'm crazy because I'm excited my daughter is playing with dolls......but she NEVER has ever before. She never plays and over the past 2 weeks she has been playing like crazy. She sits by herself and just plays.
She plays, she talks more, she has a sweeter personality, she asks for food less, she SLEEPS all night long.......I am a believer in this chemo treatment. I believed in it last year and I feel the same way now. My daughter has never laughed like she does now and has even teared up during movies. THAT IS AWESOME!

Oh....she got a Walmart card in the mail yesterday from Laurie Bowes --- so guess who has to go buy clothes for her Barbies tonight! :)

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