Sunday, April 26, 2009


today I am working on updating Haven's first 5 years blog....hope to have it done sometime today....there's a lot in 5 years!! :) You can read her birth over to the right under Haven Kristina.

Haven is working on her crafts we got yesterday -- It's extremely hot today - we went from full week of rain and cold to 90 degree weather!!! I thought we had for 4 seasons out here......seems as though we have 2!

If you are looking through Haven's FLICKR site (click here to check it out) please note I would not print from these files. The photos are a low res of the real thing. The real photos are on my shutterfly and I can get prints for you. Most of the flickr photos that were before 2008 will not print very well.

I have updated a million photos in the past 2 weeks to her site as I go through the shutterfly photos. Actually I have about 3,600 photos in FLICKR now. There are a have to pick a year or event from the sets to make it easier to go through them.

Check out this cute one I found -- her first experience with Orajel!!!

Love to all


  1. Sounds like you are doing some spring cleaning! Beautiful girl!