Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Refusing naps

Haven is doing very well on the pulse ox every night. We have lots of log books now...I keep the pulse ox one next to her machine by her bed. Then we have one for blood pressure and then I have one I keep my journal notes in. Haven is still refusing day time naps due to having to be on the machine - but she will crack one of these days and I will get some readings during the day.

I did find some paperwork from my hospital visits when she was a baby. Well...a baby meaning 2 1/2 years old. Had lots of blood work that was done then. I was digging for pictures and found it all. So I'll send that over to Oncology to review. Gives them something from July 2006 when we started this. I also found 2 of the MRI reports that I can send as well. So that is good.

I spoke with our case worker tonight about Haven going to Chicago. We still need to discuss with Oncology before making our final decision.

We made soap tonight.....and I turned blue. My hands are bright blue from the dye for the soap. I squeezed the bottle and the blue that was nice! I should look nice and smurfy tomorrow.

Mason and Haven text each other now. It's cute but I think both Julie and I start to go a bit nutty because they text very slow and we have to write it out and then they change their mind. Haven wants to fill up the entire screen with smiley faces. It's cute, believe me. Mason also called to talk to me tonight. We discussed the important things like American Idol and dinner.

Hope everyone is having a great Wednesday! :) Love to all

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