Monday, April 20, 2009

Thank you everyone for your help!

Thank you everyone for helping me with the pulse ox machine. I have been bugging Julie for 3 days now about the machine and types of pulse ox probes she uses. I have received quite a few emails about the machines and heart rate related information.

I talked to Pulmonary today and they also answered a few of my questions about the machine. She actually thought the doctor showed us how to use while in his office. I found out that Haven needs to be on the monitor every time she sleeps - not just at night. So this means naps and Haven wasn't happy about that. So she refused to take a nap today and stayed awake all day so she wouldn't have to be on the machine. I also have to make sure she has a constant pulse (no skips) for a full minute before taking the actual reading or it won't be correct.

Thank you Dawn (in the comments) I did find the number on the side of the machine and Pulmonary also gave it to me today. I was a bit concerned when they had to call insurance to find out why I only received 5 probes. But - again - as it was not explained to me - we need to use the same probe and change out weekly. So the 5 probes are actually a full month supply. I have to agree with Dawn - the beeps comfort me but also keep me awake. I know Julie says they mute their heart beats too and will hear it if it alarms.

I also want to thank Maureen - I received a huge box today with 4 pads and 3 packages of diapers. Haven loved the feel of the new diapers. She said they didn't hurt her belly or bother her scar. She was pretty excited about them!!! Thank you guys. She was also excited to have the new pads. We've been using puppy training pads - and although they work somewhat they have this horrible smell that really makes you feel a bit ucky. I always have to spray them with something. The smell is to attract the puppy to go to the pad.....but it smells horrible and I don't think it's good for Haven to sleep on them.

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