Saturday, April 25, 2009

Finally sunny

It is finally sunny and warm outside so I'm taking Haven for a girls day. She received a Micheal's card and an Old Navy card from some friends and yesterday at work I won a Target gift card. So we've got a full morning planned for us. She wants to get some new crafts and a new movie at Target. Not sure what we'll get at Old Navy - we never go there.

This morning she has been going crazy wanting to text Mason --- so I have handed my phone over to her. I haven't seen it for over an hour and he isn't even awake yet. I'm glad she has fun texting him.

I am trying to wake up - Haven was up a few times last night and the alarms were going off on the machine so I was like a little zombie. All I see is a bedroom that needs cleaned (Miss Haven) and laundry that's piled up. But I think we'll ignore it until nap time so we can get some play time in!

Hope everyone is enjoying the weekend.

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