Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Haven having fun

I came home tonight to my beautiful girl sitting on the floor waiting for Dad to make her dinner. He was making wheat pasta with homemade sauce (squished tomatoes and roasted garlic). She received a cute package with a doggie in it.

She has been very active lately - well active for her. She has been doing lots of crafts and actually up moving around. Very rare for her. She has been sleeping very sound every night. We haven't had any sleep talking or walking for 2 weeks. I can't believe it. It's been years since she's slept happy. Her food demands are less and less and she giggles. Lauren told Kris the other day she has never heard Haven laugh or giggle like she has the past few weeks.

So we are very happy.

Haven has been bugging me for a garden in the back yard. She wants to grow her own tomatoes, peppers, onions, and carrots. So we got a bunch of seeds (hopefully something will grow) and some chicken wire fencing. Last night I dug up an area big enough to get a few seeds in. It doesn't look like it on here but it's about 6' x 8'. It's pretty big and it killed my hands to dig. I wanted to get it done last night before the rain this week.

It was about 7pm when we started digging and Haven ended up running around the yard making friends with a baby bunny. It was cute to watch her chase this bunny - felt like she was 2 years old again.

Haven got this Easter house at Michael's with her gift card from the Cilona family. It came in a box filled with foam shapes. She and Lauren spent the entire day on Tuesday working on it. They had to put each piece together. It's absolutely adorable and I am actually surprised she sat there and worked on this for 5 hours. Love it!!!

Hope everyone is doing well!


  1. What a beautiful picture of Haven. She looks so happy!

  2. What a beautiful picture of Haven. She looks so happy!

  3. I agree Haven your skin and eyes look so beautiful ! I am so glad you are having fun - that is what life is all about! Mason loves the pictures of your Easter house and garden.