Saturday, April 18, 2009

1st night on the pulse ox machine

Yesterday we received Haven's pulse ox machine. It is similar to the hospital portable machines. Needless to say, it came to the door and no one showed us how to use it. So when I came home I figured we'd better practice before we got to tired.

After about 30 minutes of playing with it I called Julie and begged for her help! Hey, she's a pro right! There was a moment of concern and laughter as I checked my reading. My oxygen was coming in at 75 and my heart rate (sitting on the floor) was at 165. So we were certain that I would be heading to the ER as I should be passing out! :)

Haven's machine is the "band aid" type that wrap around the fingers or toes. So my dad came over and we decided to check his readings. Wha La! He figured it out. I kept reading the 50 page manual that came with it and realized something important.

"Cold fingers or toes may cause a false reading"......well there is only one thing left to do. The hot foot! All of her other fingers and toes are always cold. The hot foot worked!!!!

So last night I took her readings through out the night as instructed. The Cardiologist wants to see her down in the 80's while sleeping and we want to keep her oxygen around 95. Here is what we had:

10pm: O2 levels: 98 and heart rate: 97 (excellent)
11pm: O2 levels: 94 and heart rate 120 (she was beginning to talk in her sleep too)
12am: O2 levels: 97 and heart rate 122 (still only slightly talking)
3am: O2 levels: 98 and heart rate: 162 (we were really talking in our sleep at this point)
7:15am: O2 levels: 97 and heart rate: 133 (we were awake and ready to get up)

So am I happy that I know what's going on with her at night? YES. I am happy with the oxygen levels - it will be interesting to watch and compare each night. I am not happy with the heart rate while sleeping. But I can say that I felt more comforted knowing she was hooked up and would alarm if anything was crazy.

We are also checking her blood pressure twice a day. We seem to run normal in the morning and high at night. This is what I have been noticing lately. Will be good to discuss with Oncology next week.

Well it is about 75 degrees today. Haven and I are making care packages for our friends and then we're going to head to the post office and to Walmart to load up on diapers and pads. Dad is out biking today....gotta soak up the sun before the Seattle rains hit again next week.

Has anyone ever used the Grayson washable bed pads? I found some on the internet - they are $9.00 each pad but I will buy some if it actually works.

Love to all - have a great weekend.


  1. Hi Misty & Haven,
    I am glad to hear you got the pulse O2 monitor to work. I was worried when your Mom said her O2 was 75 and heart rate 165. We have had times where ours has completely fallen off and it still picks up a reading. Mason jokes that it is connected to a ghost! Haven, Mason wants you to come to STL so you can grill out with us. We had veggie burgers and corn on the cobb! We hope you have a good weekend and tell Mommy to keep herself off of the pulse O2 monitor - she is going to give me a nervous breakdown! We Love you guys!
    Julie & Mason

  2. sounds like Haven is getting plenty of oxygen - even when she sleeps... that is GREAT news. I wish Josh could have that good of numbers without his ventilator.

  3. Yea - her oxygen is pretty good. I notice when her heart rate goes up her oxygen goes up. My biggest concern right now is the heart rate - shouldn't be 165 after 6 hours of sleep. The doc wants her in the 80's when sleeping.