Friday, May 1, 2009

Hospital visits

Well I have been concerned about Haven going to the hospitals since the outbreak of the Swine Flu. We have 10 possible cases here in MD but no one has confirmed them yet. With Haven living at Johns Hopkins I'm not a fan of her going in the hospital.

I kept telling her last night - Do NOT touch the elevator buttons and wear your mask!

She argues with me about both of these all the time. We really argue about the elevator buttons more than anything. I do not like her to touch them - everyone that's sick is going up and down the elevators all day long. I don't need her to touch them and rub her face and get sick. I don't like her touching the door handles or anything in the bathroom. I follow her around with hand sanitizer - which she gets pretty irritated at me. But I've had a child without an immune system make it an entire year without ever getting sick!

Kris and Haven got to Oncology but had to fill our paperwork regarding the flu and if they had any symptoms before coming in. I know Johns Hopkins is really keeping that hospital clean and sanitized - which is awesome because the hospital is so huge.

Haven currently is weighing in at 71 pounds and heigh of 41.5 inches.

I almost had a party last night - Haven's heart rate got down to 88 for about 5 minutes while she was sleeping. It ultimately went back up to 120 and stayed around there but we did go down for a bit. So that was cool. She also slept the entire night. Even the night before she slept from 6pm until 7am. That was a shocker.

We have Endocrine on Monday afternoon. I am looking forward to this appointment. I have lots of questions and we haven't seen him in a while. A few of the topics of discussion will be Cushing's Syndrome and growth hormones.

This weekend our plan is to finish our garden! We'll show photos when we finish! :)

Love to all

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