Saturday, December 13, 2008


We have so many to thank for all your love and support of Haven. Sometimes it takes us a bit of time to get cards sent out - as Haven likes to do them and she gets exhausted pretty easy. But we truly appreciate everyone.

Byrom Family - Mason's Mom - THANK YOU so much for the donation to Haven. We are so very appreciative and we can't wait to meet you some day!

Pamela Krausman - Thank you so much for the donation to Haven. It truly is amazing as you have never met my daughter either yet care so much to give to her. Again thank you.

Esther and Emma - We have never met either of them and they sent Haven a beautiful Christmas card of their family and Emma drew a beautiful picture for Haven.

Eva Chan - Wow. We missed you girl! This is Haven's pen pal from Utah. She wrote Haven a lot but then was gone. We received a letter that Miss Eva was in Japan for a while. She sent Haven a beautiful letter and postcard from Japan! Welcome back home.

Shirley Anderson - someday you will have to meet my baby. You send her something about every week. We truly appreciate your love for her.

My favorite nurses at JH - Dana, Dawn, and Peggy - can't wait to see you guys this week!!! Love you!

Aleah Sheick for the amazing care package for Haven!

EVERYONE that has sent her cards and notes over the past few weeks. It is amazing. We've received cards from people we've never met and people I have never talked to. I am overwhelmed at how much people care for a child they have never met.

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