Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Making Cookies

So the last couple of weeks I have been talking with Julie (Mason's Mom) and comparing our children with what they like to do. It's amazing but we are finding out just how extremely similar Haven and Mason are. Both love the cooking channel, both love to cook, both love to do crafts and create things and both are very much like adults. We've been discussing school and when we feel is the best time for our children to progress in to that world. We've talked about medicines and treatments and Mason's trach. I'm terrified of all of this and Julie has really been a major help to me - mentally.

I wanted to share with you a picture of Mason making some cookies with his mom last weekend!

He just looks like he had the best time - the messier the better!!!! That's awesome Mason!!!!

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  1. Josh also loves to make cookies and watching the cooking channel... he is also very much like an adult in some ways. Josh sometimes makes cookies then sells them door to door so he can have some spending money. :)