Sunday, December 21, 2008

Christmas: A Time Of Giving

I can't say THANK YOU enough to everyone in the world that has sent cards, letters, pictures, gifts and well wishes to Haven. This has really renewed my belief in people and in the holiday. So much can be forgotten during the normal day of a normal life. To think a few people would stop in there day to send a note to my daughter was awesome but I NEVER thought the response would be so huge! We are overwhelmed with the love she has received from so many we have never met and from those close to us. I want to thank everyone - but cards will take too long - cards are coming though!!!

Long and Foster of Aberdeen - for the donation to Haven

Comer Construction - for the donation to Haven

Harford County Contractors Association - for the donation to Haven

Mary Jederberg - Handmade a doll for Haven in which she named Snow White

Aleah Scheick - Miss Alaska 2005 - for an overabundance of gifts to our little girl
Grandma Sing and Grandpa Beard Off - for LAUREN!!! We couldn't do it without Lauren
LAUREN - for loving our daughter as much as you do!
Omma and Dad - For always being there and helping with Haven!
Mom and Simon - for coming out and cooking with Haven for a week! :)
Brad and Terry Jones for the beautiful Angel bear and Angel to hang on Haven's wall
Byrom Family for the donation to Haven
Mason Byrom for the beautiful note and pictures of him and his beautiful sister
Barber Family - for the Christmas gift (under the tree!)
Shirley Anderson - for an entire year of gifts and notes and for the glowing flower
Ely Family - for the donation to Haven
Jean Gauthier- for the donation to Haven
Evelyn Johnson - for the handmade story book!
Trish Fiebing at TCAPS (Traverse City Area Schools) in Michigan for the school workbooks!
St. Janes School - 200+ names signed a Prayer List for Haven
Aunt Emmy (Emily) for the beautiful tattoos and Christmas gift (under the tree!)
Andrea Seidel - from making the custom pants for Haven!!!!!
Dana Day and Family - for the gift and Christmas stocking to Haven
Gnesda Family - for the Christmas gift! :)
UNDER ARMOUR - for more than I could ever EVER imagine! All the gifts and donations!
McKenna Grossi - for the doggie (Charlie) and his house!
TO THE MANY MANY CARDS Haven has received in the past few weeks:
Dency Cilona
Vicki Kupec - we love all the postcards from different places
Shirley Murdock
Shirley Anderson
Matt's Helpers
Casey Cares Foundation
Anne Bonney
Joan Bonney
United Airlines Flight Attendants EVERYWHERE!
Shannon Clarke
Andrea Cilona
Delaney family
Aunt Dottie
Great Grandma Bateman
Aunt Candy
Aunt Jill and Uncle John
Great Grandma Bist
Johns Hopkins Riverside - all the gifts - MY Swedish Massage and Kris' Barnes and Noble Card
Paula Dean!!!!
Stephanie and Jason Johnson
Mason Byrom
The Brydges Family
Briggs Kirkland - for the card and Christmas Countdown!!!
Harford Health Services
Sandra Trader
TJ, Mac, and Maggie Haley
Amy Hearn/Jaime Griffon
Sean and Jill Trego
Lori Pometo
Kristen and Phil Barton
Grice Family
Pat Turiff
I know there are SO MANY more....

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