Sunday, December 7, 2008

Sleep Study

Starting the wiring process

All wired up and ready to sleep.

So we did the sleep study on Saturday. I drove them up there and stayed until about 11pm. I was a bit concerned about the snow, which just happened to start right before we left to go to the hospital. Then I received a few texts that Haven kept waking up when the tech would come in the room. She did finally fall asleep around 2am until 5:30am when I arrived to pick them up.

She did a few of her screams (but not major ones like at home) and there were quite a few choking instances and then she'd half wake up and go back to sleep. Kris said this happened quite a bit in the 3 1/2 hours she slept. One was so bad he was beside her bed before he even realized where he was. He said the tech was a bit shocked at how fast he was there.

We finally got home around 7am and everyone passed out until around 10:30am. Haven was really wired up that night (with wires not caffeine) and I'm not sure if one of them bothered her port or not but around 12pm Sunday she was complaining of "crunchies" in her chest at the port site. Crunchies usually mean she's going to be sick but she kept saying her chest was crunchy and hurting a lot. We did a few slow breathing exercises and I decided to stretch her out - as it usually helps me. The loudest pop came from her chest and all of the sudden her breathing was much better. She was still in pain but I had her lay on her back to open her chest and we did more slow breathing. She was asleep in 5 minutes. She slept for 4 hours. I was amazed. Woke up and no more pain.

We are waiting the results of this sleep study. I have a feeling this one will be more important and show more than the last.

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