Sunday, December 21, 2008

Johns Hopkins Riverside Christmas Party

WELL!!!! Remember a few months ago when I mentioned that JH Riverside wanted to adopt Haven for Christmas. Well they worked and worked on her Christmas Party and they OVERDID themselves!

We showed up at 5:00pm for what we thought would be a small gathering of the nurses and doctors with a couple gifts for Haven. WE WERE SURPRISED!!!

We had made plans to take Haven to Disney World for the first time ever last Summer but then she got really sick and we found out she has Cancer and we had to cancel our trip. Instead Haven has endured a year of doctors and tests and chemo. My ultimate wish ever was to take her to Disney and meet all the princess that she loves so much!
Johns Hopkins Riverside made that dream come true!!! Haven is going to Disney at the end of January. They raised enough money and gave us a fully paid package to Disney with flights, hotel, food, and more!!!! She is beyond excited. We have been looking up all the parks and everything. We're making sure she sees Magic Kingdom, Epcot, and MGM. Her sister Kendall is also going to fly out from California to be with us making it a complete family package!!!
I can't thank everyone enough for the donations to Haven and for the Disney World package. We have a gift planned for the office when we come back. Here are a few photos from the party. Haven has lived out of her "toy" basket every day since. I find it in her bed every morning!


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  1. That is so awesome. We hope you guy's have a fantastic time. Hope you guy's have a great Christmas!!!

    Mike, Tracy, Scott and Kayla