Monday, December 29, 2008

Haven's FLICKR site

Well I used to use Shutterfly for all of Haven's photos but it's too hard to share. I have to send you a link to have you view it. I still use Shutterfly but more for personal stuff. So I have created a FLICKR account for Miss Haven. I have a lot of photos to transfer over but there are MANY in there.

If I put the photos up that I take this site would be overloaded. I taked hundreds of photos and videos all the time. There will be a "set" for Haven's videos on FLICKR. I will separate them as "Awake" and "Asleep". Some of the things she does during both times are HILARIOUS. I'm trying to get this little dance she does on video.

Anyway, Have a look. I will put a few Christmas photos up here and then all others will be in her photo site!



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