Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Haven becomes Paula Dean with Grandma

Haven and Grandma looking up recipies on the computer to modify the cookies

Grandma Virginia came out to spend the week with Haven and bake for Christmas. All recipies are "Dad" approved - meaning they are mega low sodium and mega low in sugar. He has created his own recipie book for Haven over the past year. They modify a lot of what they see on the cooking channel. Haven's favorite cooking shows are Paula Dean and Rachel Ray. She watches the cooking channel all the time.

Here are a few photos of them cooking
Whipping up the cookie dough

Getting ready to scoop it out! Check it out - they have matching aprons. Grandma's says: Cookie Maker and Haven's says: Cookie Taster


  1. Josh loves to watch the Food Network, too. His favorites... Emeril, Iron Chef and Good Eats

  2. WOW it looks like you and grandma had a lot of fun making cookies. I am jealous..I bet they tasted DELICIOUS!