Thursday, December 11, 2008

Sports Marketing Dept at Under Armour

A huge thank you to the Sports Marketing Department at Under Armour. They worked on this pretty hard as you can see. It's a huge card with stories and pictures from everyone in the department. Haven was freaking out.
She also received a beautifully wrapped Christmas present from the group - however - we decided to put it under the tree and wait for Christmas.

Thank you - Ted Gladue, Tori Hanna, Jason Parker, Patty Rawlick, Emily Ries, Jeff Locklear, Emily Sammis, Anne Bonney (not the pirate), Casey Connor, Jamie Norwood, Elise Conway, Ryan McDermond, Jackie, Kevin Culley, Emily Hammer, Walker Jones, Shea Maddox, Shawn Flynn, Claudia Farace, Ed Tomlin, and Allie Kupec.

We are totally amazed at the work you put in to this card. The photos and stories are awesome.

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