Thursday, February 5, 2009

Sunday Animal Kingdom/Epcot

Haven broke out of her shell by Sunday. We were amazed and shocked at what she decided to do! I couldn't believe it.

Haven wanted to come back to Animal Kingdom on Sunday - since we had visited every park we let her choose where she wanted to go.

The this didn't go well. This was the first time she decided she'd take a picture with a character. She freaked out when it was her turn and she and I ran all over the place with me trying to get her in the picture. So we had to join her.

There were rules when taking a picture with Haven. They could not touch her or stand too close to her. They followed along......I couldn't get her any closer than this.

Slowly we're warming up to the idea....and each character signed her autograph book.

Donald Duck gets a little closer but still no touching. She doesn't like anyone touching her sides - we can't even touch her sides. So she made sure to tell each of them that they could take a picture with her but couldn't touch her.

Here is Haven with Minnie - notice Minnie is keeping her hands out in front so Haven can see she won't touch her.

Goofy does the was hilarious watching her tell them what they can and can't do.

By the time we got up to Planet Rafiki - a conservation with interactive bug and insect shows Haven was getting in to it. She listened to this lady speak about Tarantulas for about 30 minutes and answered questions and talked to the lady.

now....check out Jiminy Cricket - he gets to be funny next to her and he's touching her. It was awesome watching her let loose a bit. I can see from these photos that she is in the house and hospitals way too much.
Pocahontas was a hit! Haven actually let her touch her and get really close to her. You can see she bought a monkey for being so good with the characters.
Now this....this was a shocker. We were leaving the petting zoo when Haven asks "Why can't I brush a goat?" Ummm.....well we never thought in a million years Haven would ever want to brush a of course we quickly turned back around and grabbed a brush and headed to the goats!

Tonights dinner was at the Yak and Yeti restaurant in Asia! It wa sawesome. I haven't had good Chinese food in a long time. Sweet and Sour Chicken was awesome. Of course we know - Chinese food = HIGH SODIUM. Dad talked with the hostess and told her all about Haven and what we needed for her food. She had vegetable lo mein with no sauce. It was perfect. Soy Sauce has an amazing amount of sodium and they made it special for her with no sauce!

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