Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Homemade Pizza - Haven Style

Haven decided last week that she really wanted pizza. Well, Haven can't have pizza - there is just way too much sodium in pizza so she has not had any. Then she watched the cooking channel! Dad and Haven decided they would make pizza at home and skip the salt! I believe they spent 5 hours on Sunday making pizza dough and pizza.

Haven learned about yeast and how it grows and how to set it. Our crust is wheat flour, yeast, and a small pinch of brown sugar.

Adding the sauce. This is not normal tomato sauce you buy. They made the sauce themselves. Kris squished tomatoes for the juice, cut up onions, garlic cloves, sage, basil, oregano and who knows what else. Then they cooked the sauce to blend the spices and added it to our dough.

Haven is added our fat free mexican shredded cheese. This is a mix of 4 cheeses that are fat free...and really with all the spices you can't taste a difference. The only difference is texture and for her health we'll deal with texture!

Adding the toppings. Now I'm not a fan of mushrooms but she really wanted some on there. So we added it and then removed them from her slices before eating. This way she had some of the flavor but not the salt. Mushrooms are very high in sodium.

Green bell peppers - Haven loves bell peppers. She loves everything spicy. She also added purple onions and more garlic cloves! I love garlic so I always ask for more garlic.

And the final touch - grapes! Who doesn't love grapes on their pizza. We didn't have pineapples (because mom can't eat them) but it doesn't stop Haven from being creative. She thought of grapes and we said why not. It actually was very good.

This was the third pizza made. We kept refining the dough and making it just a bit better each time. This one is made with roasted red peppers, onions, same dough and sauce but we added ground beef. Yes ground beef is bad but we do the best we can. This is 96% fat free ground beef - cooked and drained. Another big hit with everyone!

PS: when I use the term WE I don't include myself. This is Haven and her dad. I have been banned from the kitchen since making oatmeal this weekend. According to Haven I can't even microwave oatmeal - all the oats were hard and the fruit was still frozen. She said it would be best if I just did laundry and let dad do the cooking.
Enjoy! :)


  1. Haven your pizza looks good; maybe someday you can make one for me. I should not eat a lot of salt actually I am not that found of salt.
    I think it is great you are learning to cook I have no idea how to cook:)
    I love you

  2. TerriAnn Gaustad in Lebanon INFebruary 25, 2009 at 8:22 AM

    Haven, that pizza looks delicious! If I ever win the lottery, I will hire you to be my personal chef! You are really something, kiddo - so creative! :) Thanks for the smile you brought to my face today. Love, TerriAnn Gaustad